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Why Us?

Our meals are hand made to order

Every dog is special, so your meals are handmade to order, specifically for each dog. We only work in small batches, mixing and forming each meal portion by hand.  We make sure it’s perfectly balanced into whatever meal type your dog needs. Our meals contain absolutely no additives or fillers, only real food for real dogs.  

With the best quality ingredients

We use only the highest quality human grade ingredients, sourced in the UK from the award winning suppliers.  Welsh grass-fed beef,  free range poultry, outdoor bred pork and wild venison from the Highlands of Scotland. All in cuts of meat you would recognise. We hand make all our meals in our DEFRA approved kitchens in Buckinghamshire and then blast freeze them to quickly lock in all that yummy goodness.

Convenience without compromise!

We are proud that convenience doesn’t replace quality.  Our meals are conveniently portioned into 100g meals.  It is therefore super easy to pop out as many portions as your dog requires each meal into the bowl.  You don’t even need to touch the food!  We offer a wide range of proteins and meal types to suit dogs of all breeds and ages.  We plan, portion, pack and deliver your food to you. Just defrost and feed.

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Shop Complete Meals

Hand made meals supercharged with added veggies, herbs and superfoods.  Complete meals with 100% natural ingredients.

Shop Balanced Meals

Hand made meals balanced to an 80/10/10 ratio, 100% meat with absolutely nothing else added. Just meat bone and offal.

Shop Complementary Meals

A variety of meals and bones to use as a starting point for making your own meals or adding something special.

Shop our selection of Bundles 

We’ve done the hard work and bundled the meals together making sure there is variety for every day of the week.

Are you new to raw feeding?

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Feeding our food is as easy as 123

Take out of Freezer


Select which yummy flavour you want to feed.  You can combine a couple of flavours if you want to.  Mix it up.  Variety is the spice of life!

Put portions in bowl


Open the seal and pop out as many portions as your dog needs for the next meal into the bowl to defrost.  Leave to defrost for a few hours.

Defrost and Feed


At dinner time, wait for the happy dance that comes with feeding 100% real food.  Once eaten, wash the bowl and select the food for the next mealtime.

Let's dig a bit deeper!

Lets compare our Easy Raw real food with some typical dog biscuits.

Easy Raw Meals
  • 100% real meats  
  • 100% grain free
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Human grade ingredients
  • Blast frozen to lock in natural goodness

Typical Kibble

  • As little as 4% meat extract
  • Filled with beet pulp, wheat, barley or soya
  • Full of synthetic and artificial additives
  • Using animal derivatives from non human grade ingredients
  • Cooked at very high temperatures

See the difference real food makes

Happier tummy and less poop

One of the benefits you will notice quickly is there is far less poop!  Raw food is free from fillers and is  far more digestible. So you’ll find there is much less poop to pick up.  This is an outward sign of what is improving on the inside.  Your dog’s digestive system is having to work less hard, with less waste to remove.  Raw fed dog poop is also far smaller and firmer, which has the added benefit of naturally expelling your dog's anal glands naturally too.

Glossier coat and fewer allergies

The preservatives and additives found in processed food create a greasy coat that gives off that familiar doggy smell.  This will disappear on a raw food diet.  Just watch your dog’s coat blossom and shine!  If your dogs struggles with allergies, yeast infections or tear staining, the lack of preservatives, sugars and additives in a raw diet mean you will see these symptoms considerably reduce or disappear too.

More energy and lease of life!

Fueled by proper natural food, raw fed dogs have much more energy and focus.  Dogs that have prematurely aged suddenly have a new lease of life.  Stiffness and joint issues will reduce due to the lack of inflammation within the body.  The healthier the gut, the healthier the body is overall.  Your dog will have a much stronger immune system making vet trips far less likely.  This is the difference real food makes.

Don't just take our word for it!

Luna loves the meals, as do I.  The itching and redness has significantly reduced already, she's so much happier in herself.

All in handy portions ready to defrost the night before. 

KM and Luna

I've never seen Ruby so excited about her meal times.  She used to be so fussy, I tried so many different brands,  but now she loves every meal.

Thank you EasyRaw!

KL and Ruby

Image of a Cockerpoo

Our Story



Like some of you, I’ve stood chopping up chunks of carcass and meat, portioning it out for my two dogs.  But it’s not for everyone. 

So we realised we needed to make it more convenient. A way of raw feeding that is easy for everyone.  Our meal portions take away the mess, confusion, and worry, making feeding your dog a raw diet as easy and convenient as any other type of dog food.

Convenience without any compromise on quality.

Join us in our quest to feed natural, delicious, healthy dog food that helps our dogs live well, and die old.

Make the change to Easy Raw today!

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