Yes we do realise its Black Friday here at HQ. If your inbox is anything like mine it is brimming with Black Friday deals and has been for the last week or so.  We are being told that today we must make the most of the amazing offers available to us before they run out. Whether its the latest gadget, clothes, our car insurance, mobile phone and broadband package, or more recently and relevant, introductory free or 50% off dog food boxes on subscription.

Why should anyone buying today get a better price than someone buying a month ago?   The short answer is they shouldn’t, especially if they are a regular customer!

How is it that companies manage to do this?  The answer is by making their existing customers pay for it with inflated prices or squeezing their suppliers to the bone. We’ve probably all been caught out at one time or another by forgetting to shop around when our car insurance is due or our gas and electricity contract is up and ending up paying over the odds.

We want to be different.  No over-hyped sales, no gimmicks, no first box free.  We firmly believe in treating our customers fairly which means that we do not overprice our products.  We believe that most people are happy to pay a fair price for something that is good quality and made to order in an efficient manner. With care over sourcing and the environment and ensuring we can pay our staff the living wage.   Plus a small profit for us to live off.

The only discount we will offer is on our starter boxes as we want as many people as possible to take the plunge and change over to raw feeding.  These boxes have 10% off the cost of the individual products and can be bought by anyone not just new customers.

We also feel its really important to reward our regular customers for their support and loyalty so we have our Easy Raw VIP group which all our customers are invited to join.  Within this group you will find the VIP code which gives you a lifetime 10% off our products.  We also announce new products and limited availability products here first.

Here’s to whiter Fridays!


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