The best raw diet for your puppy!

The benefits of a raw diet for your puppy!

A raw fed puppy is a happier healthier puppy!

  • Stronger immune system
  • Glossier coat
  • Fewer skin allergies
  • Cleaner teeth and less bad breath
  • Smaller firmer poop
  • Fewer vet visits

Start your puppy's raw feeding journey today!

Our Puppy Starter Box is for puppies from 8 weeks to 12 months.  These boxes contain all the meals you need to make the transition onto a raw diet as easy as possible. The graphic below will help you work out how much food your puppy will need to eat each day. You can then choose the size of Puppy Power box that is right for the amount of food you need for you breed and age of puppy (and your size of freezer!).  Remember this is a guideline, your puppy is a little individual.  The best guide of all is how they are looking and growing.

Now choose your Puppy Starter Box!

The Answers to your Questions!

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What about the bacteria in raw meat?

How much of your food should I feed my puppy?

Is raw dog food balanced and complete puppy food?

Why Us?

Handmade especially for your puppy

Every puppy is special, so your meals are handmade to order, specifically for your puppy. We only work in small batches, mixing and forming each meal portion by hand.  We make sure it’s perfectly balanced into whatever meal type your puppy needs. Our meals contain absolutely no additives or fillers, or nasties; only real food to help puppies grow healthy and strong.  

Map of the location of the HQ of The Easy Raw Dog Food Co

Locally made with human grade ingredients

We use only the highest quality human grade ingredients, sourced in the UK from the award winning suppliers.  Welsh grass-fed beef,  free range poultry, outdoor bred pork and wild venison from the Highlands of Scotland. All in cuts of meat you would recognise. We hand make all our meals in our DEFRA approved kitchens in Buckinghamshire and then blast freeze them to quickly lock in all that yummy goodness.  What's more we're local!  You're more than welcome to collect your food from our kitchens, by arrangement, and save on the courier costs.

5 star customer service

The arrival of a new puppy can be a worrying time. Our help and support doesn't stop at checkout.  If you have any queries, questions or concerns we are here to help you.  From advising on meal plans, to solutions for teething, from natural worming to the first season, you're not on your own.

Call us on 01908 410705 for a chat if you have more questions

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