Can I feed my puppy a raw diet?

Can I feed my puppy a raw diet?

The easy answer is YES!

What to feed your puppy is possibly the biggest decision you'll ever have to make for them. You want to make sure that what you feed them gives them everything they need to grow big and strong.

A raw diet is the most natural diet you can possibly give your puppy. It allows them to grow strong and healthy with limited exposure to the toxins and chemicals that are in highly processed biscuits and dried foods. A natural diet gives your puppy the optimum nutrition they need to live a long and healthy life. 

However it is important that you know what to look out for when purchasing raw food for your puppy.

If your puppy has not been weaned onto raw food they will have to 'transition' over. This means your puppy's tummy will need to get used to the different food. Most raw manufacturers will have a Starter Bundle or pack which helps this transition.  We can put together a bundle best suited to your pup, just get in touch.

It is important that the food you buy is from a DEFRA approved manufacturer.  This ensures the food you are feeding your puppy is safe.  It means that the food has undergone testing for harmful bacteria and is manufactured in an approved plant.

Once your puppy has transitioned it is important that the food you feed is balanced to provide the correct amount of meat/bone and offal that provides your puppy with the building blocks to grow.

Remember that variety is important. Once your puppy is used to their raw diet, try to introduce as many different meat types as possible. It is important that you do this one meat type at a time so you can monitor whether or not it agrees with your puppy.  This is important as different meat types provide your puppy with different nutrients.  Aim for at least five different meat types over the period of a few weeks.


We strongly recommend that once your puppy is happy on their raw diet, you feed meals from our 'Complete' range, this will ensure your puppy is getting everything they need. 

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