Raw dog food, can you cook it?

Raw dog food, can you cook it?

Raw dog food provides optimum nutrition for your dog in a highly digestible way. A raw diet mimics as closely as possible the type of foods dogs have evolved to eat, and the way they would naturally eat if they were in the wild.

However we are asked if you can cook raw dog food.

There are a number of reasons why some dog owners would like to cook their dogs' food.

One area of concern is the safety of feeding and handling of raw meats.

If you are buying your raw dog food from a DEFRA approved manufacturer, then the raw food will have undergone strict bacteriological testing.  This helps to ensure that the food you are feeding your dog is as safe as possible. 

Some owners would like to cook their dog’s food as they are worried that their dog is fussy, and believe they would prefer it warm and cooked.

The cooking process does far more than simply warm up the food. It changes the food at a cellular level and changes the nutrient levels within the food. Cooking food alters its nutritional makeup and reduces the nutrients that will be available to your dog, particularly fat soluble vitamins. There is also some evidence that the cooking process itself can cause a potential increase in the level of potential carcinogens.

Many of us are aware that cooked bones are dangerous for dogs.

Most balanced, complete raw dog food will contain uncooked bone.  The cooking process will make the particles of bone much more brittle and can cause a range of possible problems.


The exception to this is Poppys Picnic Complete power balls. These 30g balls are made using eggshell rather than bone which means they can be fed either raw or  gently cooked.  These are perfect for compromised dogs that need a gentle approach.


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