The difference between raw dog food and raw cat food

The difference between raw dog food and raw cat food

Food is really just food. There is no ‘human food’, ‘dog food’ or ‘cat food’, just fresh species appropriate food. A diet made up of fresh food is the best diet for all living beings.

We are often asked whether you can feed raw dog food to cats.

Dogs and cats are different. Dogs are facultative carnivores, this means that their digestive system is that of a carnivore but they are also able to synthesize proteins from other energy sources and can survive with less meat in their diet. In contrast cats are obligate carnivores. This means that cats need to eat meat. They rely on the nutrients found in the animal tissues to meet their unique nutritional requirements. Dogs are able to produce some of the important amino acids that their diet does not provide them with, whereas cats are unable to synthesize some of the essential amino acids that they need so it is absolutely vital that their diet contains them (the most widely known of these is taurine).

Another of these differences is that dogs have a thirst drive and cats do not. Fresh prey has roughly 75% moisture compared to 10% moisture in dry foods. This is why a fresh diet is so important for cats and why many cats suffer from kidney problems, and often live in a state of near constant dehydration when fed a dry diet.

Raw dog food can to a large extent cover your cat’s basic nutritional needs and avoid malnourishment but to thrive and achieve optimal health,  raw food that is specifically formulated for cats is by far the best option. Our recommendation is for the widest selection of cat specific raw food that has been created especially for cats.

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