Spring is a time when you are surrounded by fitness ads and many of us think about shifting a bit of the bulge in preparation for summer.

Be honest, could your dog do with losing a few pounds too?

Vets from the PDSA estimate that almost half of all the dogs in the UK are overweight. Being obese puts your dog at risk of serious health problems that ultimately can shorten their life.

We are so used to seeing overweight dogs around us every day, often it is easy to forget what a trim, fit dog should look like.

Get to know your dog…

Run your hands gently along your dog’s ribs…you should be able to feel them.

If you look at your dog from the side you should see the belly tuck up.

If you look down from above your dog should have a visible waist

Why is my dog overweight?

Piling on the pounds can be due to a number of reasons.

The obvious one is eating too much and exercising too little. But there are other reasons too.

Often when dogs reach maturity they require fewer calories, if your dog has recently been neutered then it may be a good time to reduce the intake slightly if they are not having an active lifestyle to avoid the pounds piling on.  If you have a young dog remember to take into account any training treats they’re having and reduce the meal amount accordingly.

Whilst much rarer there are some medical conditions can cause weight gain in dogs such as Cushings disease and hyprothyroidism.

What do I do?

If you’re happy that your dog is otherwise healthy increasing exercise is the easiest way to shift the extra pounds and has numerous health benefits for both you and your dog. However it is possible for your dog to get to the ideal shape without having to increase exercise.

How does a raw diet help?

A raw diet is low in carbohydrates and high in natural protein so already your dog is at an advantage compared to other diets. Remember your dog needs fat in the diet so don’t remove the fat just reduce the quantity of what you feed and feed the most fatty meat types more sparingly.

If you want your dog to trim down we recommend you feed 1.5% of the dogs weight a day. So if Fido is weighing 20kg that’s 300g a day of food ideally split into 2 meals. Be warned it won’t look like much in the bowl but that’s because it is 100%  goodness with no added fillers to bulk it out. Our pre-weighed portions help so much here as it is much harder to overfeed and add extra to the bowl when we’ve done the weighing out for you. Try replacing the bowl with a stuffed kong or stuffed hoof to make the smaller meals last longer and make the dog work harder for it.  You can add some grated green veggies or fruit to pad out the meal if this is what you like to feed.

Once your dog has reached their ideal shape they will be happier, healthier and more active. They will thank you – honest, no matter what those hungry eyes try and tell you.

Give your dog a headstart to a happier, healthier lifestyle.  If you don’t already feed raw then start the transition to raw today!  Our Starter Box will help you step by step along the way



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