Many dogs are sensitive to chicken products.  This happens for a number of reasons, over exposure when young being one of them.  Often it is hard to find a wide range of raw foods that have no chicken in them.

why is chicken bone used so much in raw dog food?

The simple answer is because it’s convenient to work with, easily available and a cost effective way of getting the 10% bone content in an 80/10/10 meal.  We only use the finest UK reared free range meaty chicken carcasses we can get to ensure the chicken in our meals is the best quality for your dog.

but my dog itches on chicken so what can I do?

The good news is that most of our 80/10/10 meals are now available with a choice of bone content to suit your dogs needs.  We now offer our meals with the choice of free range turkey carcass or lamb bone as well as chicken.

how do you manage to do that?

Well, we hand make every order.  Yes its not just marketing hype  – its absolutely true!   We make all our meals to order and whilst this means you may have to wait an extra day or so for our deliveries to turn up on your doorstep, you can rest assured that those meals have been handmade especially for your dog.   This allows us to tweak meal ingredients to take into account the needs of each and every dog.  Every dog is different and each of our meals can be made different too!

how do I order if I want turkey or lamb bone?

We’ve tried to make it super clear in the Foundation meal title which bone is used in the meal.  Our Supercharged meals are available in two chicken free bundles.  The Cocka Ruby Poo bundle ad the Lois Bundle.  Just chose which bundle you need.   Its as easy as that!  We’ll do the rest.

If there is any other adjustment you need to your dogs food then contact us via the Made for You page at the top of the screen to see if we can help.


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