Image of retriever puppy sitting in a feeding bowl

can I feed my puppy raw?

The easy answer is YES!

Feeding your puppy raw means that you can avoid horrible additives and preservatives that can detrimental to the long term health of your puppy.  Raw food is what he was designed to eat.

so what do I do?

We recommend that your puppy starts on green tripe.  Okay tripe smells a little bit, but its a superfood! Raw green tripe offers your puppy a balance of nutrients as well as beneficial bacteria and enzymes like a probiotic.  Its gentle on the tummy and helps your pup get maximum benefit from every meal.  It provides the good bacteria in the tummy which in turn protects your puppy’s digestion from harmful bacteria and strengthens the immune system.

So ideally feed our Lamb Tripe Mince for a few days.  Monitor your puppy’s poo during this time, you should find that it becomes firmer and there is less of it.

 how much to feed your puppy?

okay that’s fine what’s next?

Next we move onto our first protein which we would recommend to be our Chicken and Tripe portions.  Chicken is a gentle protein to move on to.  Feed this according to our puppy feeding guidelines and monitor your puppy’s poo. Again it should be firm but they should not struggle to pass it. If pup remains happy then move onto our Chicken Meals, these include offal and are made to the 80/10/10 ratio.

Once your puppy is settled on the Chicken Meals we then move onto Puppy Power!  A combination of beef, chicken, lamb tripe and offal. 3 proteins in one meal, ideal for a growing puppy!  

In the first 16 weeks of life puppies go through leaving mum and siblings, being wormed and having their injections.  All of this can have a massive effect on the little ones digestion.  So if at any time your puppy has a tummy upset go back to feeding our Lamb Tripe Mince or Chicken and Tripe portions to settle the tummy down once again. 

So in short

  • Start off with Lamb Tripe Mince
  • Monitor the poo!
  • Move onto Chicken
  • Monitor the poo!
  • Introduce other proteins slowly one at a time and continue to monitor the POO!

our puppy power box is here to help….

We’ve designed a Puppy Power Box to include everything you need to make your puppy’s transition over to raw food as easy as possible.    If at any time you are worried or have any questions we are here to help and support you along the way.


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