• Locally sourced Lamb Livers

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  • Golden Paste Company Turmeric paste 100g

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  • Ancol Paws for Earth giant poop bag roll

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  • Verm-x Crunchies for gut health

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  • 801010 foundation beefy fish meals – chicken bone 7 x 100g portions

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  • supercharged complete turkey meals

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  • 801010 foundation chicken meals 7 x 100g portions

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Blog Posts

I first heard about the benefits of raw dog food watching Dragons Den but I wanted to find someone more local that I could approach because I did not know where to start. The customer service/advice from this company is above and beyond what I expected. The support in how much to feed, what food is best to make the transition from dry to raw, even changing part of an order because my dog was a bit fussy was really helpful. I even get regular emails to find out how everything is going. If you are about to make the switch to raw food, this is the company to use! My dog loves the food and seriously is so excited about meal times.

Julie H., Brixworth

My sister and I have been raw feeding for 20+ years. Sadly over that time the quality from another supplier deteriorated. I am so happy we found The Easy Raw Dog Food Co. First delivery this week. The quality is outstanding and more than we could have wished for. They have been absolutely amazing (even though we drove them mad). Customer service and communication is excellent, as is their product. Having had so many problems over the past couple of years it’s such a relief to have found them. I am delighted to be able to endorse them and their product. We will definitely be placing a regular order. We have between us four large dogs, a Terrier and one Maine Coon, she’s very fussy – typical cat. She loves it. Massive thanks to all the team. C & G.

Christine & Gail, Dorset

Our dog loves the food, he’s a really fussy eater and he adores this stuff. It arrives in really easy to use / store packaging. Price is great to! Highly recommend

Ellie-Rose M., Leamington Spa

Ordered a choice of protein for our girls. The verdict is in – clean, well polished bowls after every meal so far. We’ve tried beefy fish and have just started beef, both with the same results.

I think the texture is great, the girls obviously do too and the choice you offer is excellent. Safe to say we’ll be back for more. One great thing for us is that we can take whole bags full away with us when we go on trips with our girls as they’ll fit in the freezer section of our caravan.

Keep up the good work.

Bonnie and Rosie send their love

Bonnie and Rosie…
Jackie M., Stratford upon Avon

Buddy’s loving his puppy power packs and looking really good on his raw diet

Mitzi de M., Corby

My dog has been on this food since he was 8 weeks old his now 5 months and we would never change!!! Just wanted to say thank you for great services and help and support I highly recommend this for your four legged friend…

Helen S., Northampton

A great company with high quality dog food which my pup loves! I’ve managed to set up a repeat order and direct debit so I no longer have to worry about getting dog food as it’s on my doorstep just before I run out.

Eloise B., Stony Stratford

Milo went off of his dry food and I needed an alternative for him. Raw was the option and I found The Easy Raw Food Dog Co. I have received 2 orders now (1 a month) and I can say that their customer service Is 10/10 and the main thing, Milo adores his dinners now!

Carl W., Bedford

I have raw fed my Westie for a year now after she refused to eat kibble ( I don’t blame her) I have recently switched to getting her food from The Easy Raw Food Co. I was nervous as to how she would be but she loves this food just as much if not more, she always licks the bowl clean and barks to say she wants more! The brilliant thing about this food for us humans is that it is already weighed out into portions so no messing around with scales. Also the fact you can feed different flavours at each meal giving more of a variety. Free local delivery too and excellent service thank you

Sally H., Northampton

Alan loves his raw food.

I am also happy, I have Alan’s food delivered fortnightly, it’s perfect for me. All the food is pre-portioned all I have to do is count the blocks and thaw. It’s also fab that the mince is thicker than other raw complete food than can be bought which looks more like a smoothie so Alan can actually chew rather than drink. The communication from everyone has been amazing, super helpful and always friendly.

Jessie B, Northampton

When we were looking to move our new Vizsla puppy onto raw The Easy Raw Dog Food Co was just that, by far the easiest company to understand and make the right choices when trying Raw for the first time.

Since using ER I have had been blown away by the fantastic customer service with Lynda always being on hand to help with any questions. My first order was hand delivered by Lynda and when a week later we found our pup was allergic to chicken she was fantastic in helping us find more alternatives. It’s rare to find such fantastic customer service and I would recommend them to everyone!

Jamie C., Bedford

Great product, great service. Highly recommended. (The best thing … now my husband will feed the dog!)

Joy J., Northampton

Started using this company when we bought our Golden Retriever puppy. The puppy is now nine months old and loves the raw dog food. The service and the quality of the food is first class,and the individual food portions make feeding so easy.

John M., Olney

We have one very fussy Cavalier who sometimes goes days without eating if we present him with most commercial brands. Since using this company he eats everything given no problem and is growing well. There is plenty of choice and having the food in 100g portions is a big plus. Having made amendments to my original order twice, Lynda was exceptionally fast in response and changed things around without fuss. Excellent communication and customer support. There was excellent communication regarding delivery and everything was perfectly packaged and received as per communication. There are numerous raw dog food companies about but I doubt any others have the same quality of product and exceptionally proficient and friendly service. Highly recommended company and products

Paul L. , Bedford

We are new customers to The Easy Raw Dog Food Co, and we are very glad we have made the change. Our pooch had become a very picky eater, which was extremely frustrating. Since we changed to The Easy Raw Dog Food Co Dewi has regained his interest in meals and happily eats as soon as his food is placed down for him. When he works out that I’m getting his meal ready he comes through and waits for me to finish. This is a drastic change and shows how us how much he is enjoying his meals now. I also want to comment on the fantastic customer service we have received. Correspondence with Steve has always polite, professional and very friendly. We did have an issue with our first delivery and as soon as I raised the issue Steve dealt with it promptly and effectively to resolve our issue, going above and beyond our expectations. We have just received our second order and are extremely happy with it. We will continue to order from The Easy Dog Food Co.

Andrea Q., Cardiff

hello we’re The Easy Raw Dog Food Co…

and we’re here to make it as easy as possible for people to do their dogs some good by feeding them the best raw dog food we can make. Until now, feeding raw dog food has been messy and complicated…..and quite a bit confusing to us humans. Our meal portions take away the mess, confusion, and worry, making feeding your dog a raw diet as easy as any other dog food.

So why not join us in our quest to make natural, delicious, healthy dog food that helps dogs live well and die old.