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Here at The Easy Raw Dog food Co, we like to answer all your questions whether they are questions commonly asked or more specific ones.

One of the most common questions we receive is cost!

How much will it cost to feed my dog a raw diet?

The answer to this question is dog dependent.  This is because the cost is dependent on how much you need to feed.  The two important factors in working out how much to feed an adult dog are your dog's weight and your dog's activity level. Or age and weight for a puppy.

So let's calculate how much you need to feed...

How much raw food to feed an adult dog?

Now we know how much you need to feed your dog need's, we can work out the cost.

But first - What affects the cost of raw dog food?

The following factors effect the cost of how much you pay for your raw dog food.

  • How the meats are sourced, UK only, EU or even further afield 
  • Quality of meat used - organic, grass fed, free range, barn kept or intensively farmed
  • Types of meat used - high offal content, quality butcher cuts, quantity of lung/heart used, fatty meats or leaner meats
  • Whether or not the meats used are human-grade meats
  • Bone content used, is it 10% or higher (bone is cheaper than meat)
  • Whether production is highly mechanised or done on a small scale by hand

All the above factors have a large impact on the cost of the end product. This is why raw dog food brands vary so much on price.

So how much it will cost to feed your dog will depend on the brand of food you chose. Let's take a 500g Chicken meal as an example:

  • Mass Produced - intensively reared meat - not complete -  £1.70
  • Mass Produced - ethically raised meat - complete - £3.69
  • Smaller scale production - farm assured meat - complete - £3.95
So where does Easy Raw Dog Food Co fit in this scale? We are small scale, we hand make the food in small batches using only free range or grass fed meats. We also portion up the meat into 100g easy to use portions.  Our 700g complete chicken meals are currently £4.60 per pouch (500g equivalent £3.28).

There is a raw food brand to fit everyone’s budget and requirements. 

Hopefully now you have a much clearer picture of how much you need to feed your dog a day and the range of cost options available to you.


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