on choosing to give your dog the best food to live a happy, healthy life.

What's in your Variety Pack

We all want our dogs to be happy and healthy

The meals in this pouch are carefully formulated so they're packed full of nutrition to give your dog exactly what they need to thrive. No chemicals, grains, additives or fillers.  Only real natural food. The pouch has a range of proteins and flavours so your pet enjoys every single meal. 

Feed your dog the best quality ingredients

We use only the highest quality human grade ingredients, sourced in the UK from the award winning suppliers.  Welsh grass-fed beef,  free-range poultry and outdoor bred pork and lamb. All in cuts of meat you would recognise. We hand make all our meals in our DEFRA approved kitchens in Buckinghamshire and then blast freeze them to quickly lock in all that yummy goodness.

These are perfect meals for YOUR dog!

Every dog is special. We only work in small batches, mixing and carefully forming each meal portion. Every meal portion is perfectly balanced for you and bursting with natural, healthy herbs, seeds and superfoods.

What our customers say

Thank you for great service and super easy to use portions, I take out 3 portions each night for the following day and Luna loves them,

Thank you EasyRaw! KM and Luna

Perfect sized, pleasant to handle frozen raw food. There isn’t a flavour Lola doesn’t like, and she looks fab on it!

DG and Lola

Image of a Cockerpoo

How to feed our food

Download our free guide to raw feeding

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