So it says the meal I want to buy is in stock?

Yep, on our website you will see whether or not a specific product is in stock.

So how does that work if it’s made to order then?

When you see a product is ‘in stock’ on the website what that is telling you is that we have all the necessary ingredients to make that meal in stock ready to go.

So what happens when I place my order?

We hand-make the orders in small batches of no more than 20kg.  There is no big mechanised production line. Once minced down the meats are kept refrigerated and then combined by hand into the correct mixture for each batch.  They are then hand portioned into whatever sizes or bone variation the orders demand.

When we say hand-made, we MEAN hand-made!

The meats we use in our meals are all human grade, butcher quality meats.  Feeding our portions really does allow you to tailor make your dog’s food to his/her needs and preferences.  Whether you need a specific bone type due to allergy or would like  small 50g portions instead of a 500g block then our portions are the solution for you!

The beauty of our portions is that we are able to offer the same mess free convenience that feeding any other way offers.  No measuring, cutting up and mess is necessary.  Just pop however many portions you need out of the bag directly into the dogs bowl to defrost.  No need to touch the meat at all.  You get convenience and your dog gets a quality healthy raw diet.  

Win win!


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