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Here are our answers to some of the frequently asked questions about raw feeding

Why does my dog eat grass?
Couch grass is one of the most significant medicinal plants for both humans and animals. It is the grass that[...]
Does my dog need vegetables?
Depending on what Google search or facebook group you read you will get a multitude of answers to this question.[...]
Can diet affect a dog’s behavior?
Diet has a significant impact on overall health and behavior.  The nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the diet directly influence[...]
How to DIY Raw Dog Food
There are many reasons why you may choose to DIY - saving money, reducing packaging or just to have total[...]
The difference between raw dog food and raw cat food
Food is really just food. There is no ‘human food’, ‘dog food’ or ‘cat food’, just fresh species appropriate food.[...]
Can dogs eat garlic?
Yes! If you do any Google search you will often see that garlic is considered toxic to dogs as it[...]
Why would my dog’s skin be red?
There are many causes of skin redness, irritation and itchiness but one thing they all have in common is an[...]
How to improve your dog’s gut health
It is now widely accepted that gut health can have a profound effect on our overall health.  Many studies in[...]
What’s myoglobin?
When you defrost your dogs meals what do you do with the ‘blood juice’ thats left? Whatever you do, don’t[...]
Best flea remedy for dogs
  Flippin’ fleas Fleas make everyone itch, just saying the name makes you want to scratch.  However there is no[...]
Why our handmade products are better
Hand made products are greener Far less energy is used when creating a handmade product when compared to mass produced[...]
What’s pancreatitis in dogs?
Pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas.  Once the pancreas begins to stop working properly the juices within it begin[...]
Raw dog food for beginners
When researching a raw dog food diet for your dog as a beginner, it can easily become a bit overwhelming[...]
Raw dog food, can you cook it?
Raw dog food provides optimum nutrition for your dog in a highly digestible way. A raw diet mimics as closely[...]
Can I feed my puppy a raw diet?
The easy answer is YES!What to feed your puppy is possibly the biggest decision you'll ever have to make for[...]
Do I need to add anything else to my dog’s raw food?
This is one of the top 3 questions we are regularly asked. Unless you are feeding a wide range of[...]
How much does it cost to feed raw dog food?
Here at The Easy Raw Dog food Co, we like to answer all your questions whether they are questions commonly[...]
Can I feed kibble and raw dog food together?
This is a question that we are increasingly being asked.  Those on limited budgets wanting to continue to add fresh[...]

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