Our chicken raw dog food is made from locally farmed free range chickens which are grown to 81 days. This deepens the flavour of the meat and produces strong meaty bones. The chickens are reared using traditional organic methods and the highest standards of animal welfare.  They are fed an additive and antibiotic free diet with full access to green pastures and wild flower hedges, roaming freely, scratching around in the clover fields and at the bottom of trees and hedges. From these birds we make conveniently portioned balanced 80/10/10 meals, with veg options, tripe mix and also plain chicken mince for those that DIY. Chicken is a great meat to use when switching to raw as it’s easily digestible, which is why we include it in the meals in both our Starter Box and Puppy Power Box.  However if you are new to raw feeding please be aware the plain chicken mince is high in bone and should not be fed on its own.

  • Odd Balls Selection – 700g bag – 7 x 100g portion

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  • 801010 foundation chicken meals 7 x 100g portions

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  • free range chicken and lamb tripe – with bone 10 x 100g portions

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  • puppy power pack 10 x 100g portions

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  • chicken mince portions 10 x 100g portions

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