Pancreatitis in dogs

Main Symptoms include:


Abdominal pain



Processed foods are a major contributing factor

Pancreatitis is an extremely painful condition that occurs when your dogs pancreas becomes inflamed. Processed carbohydrate foods are a one of the main causes.

  • Processed foods
  • Genes
  • Scavanging
  • Some medicines

Why feed a raw diet to your pancreatic dog?

Processed foods really, really don't help

Highly processed foods rely on grain for energy. These are well known for promoting elevated triglycerides in the blood.  A raw diet, even if higher in fat, helps lower blood fats reducing the risk of pancreatitis.

Real food helps correct gene expression

Certain breeds are more predisposed to pancreatitis than others.  Gene expression can be influenced by other factors such as inflammation, toxins and drugs. So by feeding a fresh raw diet of functional protein fats and polyphenol rich veggies  with fewer toxins, we are encouraging healthy gene expression.

Feeding a raw diet reduces inflammation

Now more than ever your dog's body needs food that is easily digestible and puts limited strain on your pooch's body. Fresh real food is the most easily digestible fuel you can feed your dog. 

What to feed?

Feed small, easily digestible meals such as chicken, turkey, white fish, rabbit and venison. While the pancreas is struggling, supplement each meal with chopped pancreas. Your dog can use the enzymes within the chopped pancreas to take the strain off having to use their own. Feed 5% and gradually reduce as your dog improves.  Adding kefir and bone broth will also be beneficial to your dog.

How we can help

Here at Easy Raw Dog Food Co we are experts in raw nutrition and have helped many dogs live longer, healthier lives.  We are proud to be the only raw food manufacturer to provide chopped pancreas, alongside perfectly portioned, high quality meals that enable you to feed little and often without the inconvenience of left over meat to store.

Let your dog experience the benefit of real food today!

Splinter enjoys every single meal. Communication is always fantastic.  Thank you Easy Raw for supplying Splinter with delicious meals every month.

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