picture of sad dog with sensitive tummy

I’ve tried 10 different brands and still my dog’s tummy isn’t settled…

We hear this often, from sometimes quite desperate owners at their wits end trying to help their dog.   Many different foodstuffs can generate an allergy or sensitivity in your dog. By removing grain and preservatives and feeding a raw diet you are already helping to reduce or eradicate these problems.

if your dog has any of these then read on…

  • gurgly tummy
  • runny poos
  • vomiting

99% of the time raw feeding is the way to go…

Removing the grain and preservatives from your dogs diet means that straight away there is less strain on your dogs digestive system. After all raw meat is exactly what they’ve evolved to eat.   If you are about to start raw feeding your dog that has a history of having a sensitive tummy that’s great, but remember we recommend you feed plain lamb tripe for a few days to allow your dog’s tummy to build up the correct enzymes and bacteria to enable your dog to process the raw food.  See our starter boxes for more details and our step by step guide.

okay so the 1% that are fed raw and still need more help…

We assume here you’ve had your dog thoroughly checked out by your vet.  We are referring here to those that are not technically allergic to certain proteins but may still have sensitive stomachs and suffer from tummy pain, runny poos and vomiting from time to time for no particular reason. Also dogs that suffer from problems like pancreatitis, bladder stones, and leish need a lower purine, lower fat diet. Our tripe mix meals contain no offal, just a variety of protein types mixed with tripe making it easy for you to control exactly what your dog is eating.  Whatever offal and bone your dog can tolerate can easily be added separately on top when required.

my dogs just had surgery what should I feed…?

Those recovering from surgery and illness often require a meal that is easy on their tummy for a few days.  White fish, turkey, lamb tripe and sometimes chicken are ideal for dogs with these needs. Our sensitive tummy meals are made up of only white fish and turkey, nothing else. These are not complete meals as they don’t contain offal, but they are a good start in settling things down and getting your dogs tummy happy once again.


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