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Green & Natural Tummy Ease


Green and Natural Tummy Ease is a gentle blend is especially formulated for those dogs who suffer with sensitive tummies.   A healthy gut is critical for overall health.  This blend helps to support a balanced gut and digestive system keeping tummies gurgle free and in optimum condition.

The root within this blend provide nature’s prebiotic help for the gut.

Ideal for dogs who require additional support, especially after antibiotics, medication, vaccines or tummy bugs.


Dandelion leaf and root, Chicory root, Marshmallow root, Mint, Fenugreek, Calendula, Chamomile

Feeding Guidelines

  • Small dog (up to 15kg) half a teaspoon
  • Medium dog (16kg – 30kg) one teaspoon
  • Large dog (30kg +) one heaped teaspoon 

Dogs that are  pregnant or on any medication  check with your vet before feeding.  

This is not intended for human consumption.

The Green and Natural blend bags are made from sustainably sourced paper, hand stamped using vegan ink using a stamp made from recycled wood. The tape used to seal is made from compostable paper tape.

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