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growing pup bundle 12kg

a box of 12 x 1kg bags filled with yummy portioned meals to help your growing puppy switch to a wider variety of meals.   

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Only 7 left in stock

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Now your pup is growing so fast they are ready to switch across to a wider variety of meals.  If your pup has already had the puppy power starter bundle and is happy on their raw diet, this box is here to make it super easy for your pup to start experiencing different protein types.  Start with some familiar Puppy Power meals and then gradually introduce a new meal type one at a time.  

Variety is massively important for a growing puppy, as it can help prevent allergy problems in the future.  This box contains 3 new proteins not experienced in the puppy power starter bundle.

These super convenient meals provide a selection of our 80/10/10 meals suitable for feeding day to day, giving your growing dog a perfect selection of proteins over the week.  It can be Chicken for breakfast and Beef for dinner.  Never before has it been so easy to alternate meal times to keep your dog satisfied and interested in each meal.  Enjoy watching your dog love each meal.  Once your pup has experienced each protein one at a time you can just pop out whichever protein meal you want to.  

Included in this box:

Puppy Power meals x 2

Beef meals 80/10/10 x 2

Turkey meals 80/10/10 x 2

Pork meals 80/10/10 x 2

Chicken meals  80/10/10 x 2

Fish meals 80/10/10 x 2

Occasionally contents of the box may vary due to availability of raw ingredients.

Our meals are made from locally sourced, human grade responsibly reared meats. 

We have done the really, really hard part for you by carefully measuring everything out, mincing it and then making it into individual meal-sized portions. That way your dog gets a meal that has the correct 80/10/10 ratio which is considered a balanced raw meal and you get a mess free, easy way of giving it to them.

This box is perfect for puppies that have already been weaned or transitioned onto a raw diet.  After a few months on this box your puppy will then be ready for any of the other boxes/meals we provide. The more different proteins pups are introduced to the better as this reduces the risk of allergies developing as an adult.   

so how much should I feed my dog?

Puppies love this food!

Feed between 1-3 months feed 10% of their body weight a day, spread over 3 to 4 meals. Once they are 4 months old this should be reducing down to 6% of their weight per day. From 6 months they should be having in the region of 4% of their body weight a day and by the time your pup is a year old they should be being fed as an adult.

This is a general guideline every dog is different. Remember the best indicator of all is how your dog is looking, but if you need further help please get in touch.

Once settled onto a raw diet, we recommend you mix it up a bit and feed a variety of meat types as the best diet for your dog is a raw varied one!.


  • our meals are 100% meat with no preservatives, chemicals, additives or fillers
  • our meals are quick to defrost, just get out as many as you need before each meal no mess or madness
  • just the right size for a single meal so no half eaten packs of meat in the fridge – yay
  • All our meals are made individually for you, so you won’t get next day delivery, but you will get high quality meals made especially to your order delivered as quickly as we can make it and get it to you!

We love our portions and we hope you join us in loving them too!


Our puppy absolutely loves Easy Raw Dog Food. There is a wide variety of items to choose from and he is thriving on the raw diet. Company have been great arranging delivery both to home address and as soon as we were in our holiday accommodation this summer! Great chat function too, good response and service if you’ve have any queries.

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