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Odd Balls Selection – 700g bag – 7 x 100g portion

Our Odd Balls selection is 700g of assorted meal types.  7 x 100g portions.


Only 2 left in stock

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We like to be different here at Easy Raw.

As you know we make all our meals by hand. They are mixed, portioned and bagged by hand.

To ensure we don’t run out of a mix we always give a little extra allowance and if there’s any left over. they are portioned as normal and put to one side. These are then bagged and fed to our dogs. However, as we’re getting busier and busier, our dogs are going to start getting fat. And we hate waste here!

So, welcome Odd Ball bags.

These bags are filled with a variety of different portions.  All the portions are balanced to 80/10/10, and there are 7 x 100g portions in a bag.

These portions are made up from our 80/10/10 fish, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, turkey, duck meals.  Because the bags may contain chicken portions, these bags will not be suitable for dogs with a chicken intolerance.

Perfect for everyday meals, using as a DIY base to add other meats or as a topper to just add a little fresh real food to your dog’s bowl.

These meals will come in and out of stock as we have spare balls available.


Nothing else added just 100% real food.

Perfectly portioned by hand into 100g meals.  There are 7 meals in each resealable pouch.  Just get out as many portions as you need and add to the bowl.

If feeding this alone please feed 2-3% of your dogs weight depending on how active they are.   This is a general guideline and every dog is different.  The best indicator of all is how your dog is looking.  If you need any further help please get in touch.

We recommend you mix it up a bit and feed a variety of meat types, as the best raw diet is a varied one.


  • Our meals are 100% meat with no preservatives, chemicals, additives or fillers.  Just real food!
  • Our meals are quick to defrost, just get out as many portions as you need to feed.  No mess or madness!
  • Just the right size to feed, no half eaten packs of meat left in the fridge.
  • All our meals are made individually for you by hand.  This means you won’t get next day delivery, but you will get high quality meals made especially for your order, delivered as quickly as we can make it, freeze it and get it out to you.

Wow. You’ve made it this far.  If you still want to talk it through please give us a call – we’d love to hear from you.




I cannot recommend The Easy Raw Dog Food Co enough, both my dogs love this food. When my elderly Westie had some digestive issues they were nothing but supportive and helped us to sort out the issue, she is now a healthy and regular 14.5 year old!

If you aren’t sure about which company to go for please do yourself a favour and give these guys a go!!

sarah h

We’re not just any raw pet food manufacturer…

We make all our recipes by hand in very small batches in our kitchens.  We try to use different cuts of meat across our meal ranges. This helps to ensure a greater variety of nutrients for your dog.  

Our food is made using the freshest ingredients possible. If they weren’t heading to us for dog food, they would be completely suitable for the human food market. This is really important to us because high quality ingredients contain much higher nutritional values for your dog.

The meats that we use are all grass fed or free range. Wild in the case of our Scottish venison.All our ingredients come from UK farms and are therefore, seasonal.  We have close relationships with each one of our suppliers and have worked with them for many years.  It is important to us to keep the supply chain as short as possible.  We can trace the whole journey from the farm to your dog’s bowl.

We don’t just want your dog to be well fed, we want your dog to THRIVE!   The team here at Easy Raw are on hand to  help with any questions or queries every step of the way, whether new to raw or a seasoned raw feeder.  Just drop us a line.

Join the Easy Raw family today!

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