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puppy power starter box – 6kg small bundle

A box of 6 x 1kg bags filled with portioned meals to help make the transition to raw for puppies EASY.   

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This puppy power bundle is a discounted bundle designed to help you and your puppy make a transition easily onto a raw food diet.

The bundle contains six 1kg bags of our portioned food, each bag will contain 10 separate 100g meals within it.  This makes it super easy to feed your puppy 4 small meals a day.

In this 6kg bundle you will find  1 x 1kg of lamb tripe portions, 1 x 1kg  bags of chicken and tripe portions,  2 x 1kg chicken meals and 2 x 1kg puppy power meals.

We recommend you start by feeding the minced Lamb Tripe first and then follow the order above.  This allows your puppy’s tummy to adjust to the new food.  

We have done the hard work for you by carefully measuring everything out, mincing it and then making it into individual meal-sized portions. This way your dog gets a meal that has the correct 80/10/10 ratio which is considered a balanced raw meal and you get a mess free, easy way of giving it to them.

This box is perfect for puppies that are changing over to a raw food diet up to 12 months old.  If your dog is older than this we recommend you change to raw using our Adult Starter Bundle.

Once your puppy has worked through all the meals in the Puppy Starter Bundle they are ready for our Growing Pup Box. This provides a range of different proteins.  The more proteins that pups are introduced to when they’re young the better as this reduces the risk of allergies developing when they become an adult dog.

How much to feed my Puppy?

When working out how much to feed your puppy you need to take into consideration your puppies weight and age.

We recommend you weigh your puppy at least once a month and keep checking how much you need to feed as your puppy grows.

As with humans every puppy is an individual and can vary in weight, energy levels and appetite.  If you would like a personalised feeding guide for your puppy please fill out the form below.


  • Our meals are 100% meat with no preservatives, chemicals, additives or fillers
  • Our meals are quick to defrost, just get out as many as you need before each meal no mess or fuss.
  • Just the right size for a single meal so no half eaten packs of meat in the fridge – yay
  • All our meals are made individually for you, so you won’t get next day delivery, but you will get high quality meals made especially to your order delivered as quickly as we can make it and get it to you!

We're not just any raw pet food manufacturer...

We make all our recipes by hand in very small batches in our kitchens. We try to use different cuts of meat across our meal ranges. This helps to ensure a greater variety of nutrients for your dog.

Our food is made using the freshest ingredients possible. If they weren't heading to us for dog food, they would be completely suitable for the human food market. This is really important to us because high quality ingredients contain much greater nutritional value for your dog. The meats that we use are all grass fed or free-range. Wild in the case of our Scottish venison.

All our ingredients come from UK farms and therefore seasonal. We have close relationships with all of our suppliers and have worked with them for many years. It is important to us to keep the supply chain as short as possible. We can trace the whole journey from the farm to your dog's bowl.

We don't just want your dog to be well fed. We want your dog to THRIVE! The team here at Easy Raw are on hand to help with any questions or queries, whether new to raw or a seasoned raw feeder. Just drop us a line.

Join the Easy Raw family today!

When we were looking to move our new Vizsla puppy onto raw The Easy Raw Dog Food Co was just that, by far the easiest company to understand and make the right choices when trying Raw for the first time.  Since using ER I have had been blown away by the fantastic customer service with Lynda always being on hand to help with any questions.

My first order was hand delivered by Lynda and when a week later we found our pup was allergic to chicken she was fantastic in helping us find more alternatives.  It’s rare to find such fantastic customer service and I would recommend them to everyone!

Jamie c

Coco's dad

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20 x 50g, 10 x 100g, 5 x 200g

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