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venison neck/spine bone

Wild Scottish venison neck/spine bone, a perfect recreational bone. Ideal for bone broth.


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Individually bagged venison neck/spine bone. A perfect meaty treat for medium and large breeds.

These bones provide much needed teeth cleaning and mental stimulation and provide the body with high levels of amino acids, essential fatty acids and trace minerals.

These venison bones can be eaten safely, although as with any bone keep an eye on your dog whilst they’re eating it.

Just add offal and some of our meaty chunks to provide a balanced meal for your dog.

Perfect for using to make bone broth.


Average weight 600g – 800g but may vary.


 so how much should I feed my dog?

Feed 2 -3% of your dogs weight depending on how active they are….a  20kg lazy dog would eat 400g a day and a 20kg active loony would gobble down 600g a day. If you have a fattie that is trying to lose some inches then base the calculation on the ideal weight instead of the actual weight.

Puppies love this food!  However these bones are best introduced after 4 months of age.

This is a general guideline every dog is different. Remember the best indicator of all is how your dog is looking, but if you need further help please get in touch.

We recommend you mix it up a bit and feed a variety of meat types as the best diet for your dog is a raw varied one!.


  •  these bones are carefully sourced and from wild deer.

Wow. You’ve made it this far. If you still want to talk it through please give us a call – we’d love to hear from you.

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