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wild rabbit and lamb tripe – with bone 7 x 100g portions

a 700g pouch filled with yummy portioned meals from wild UK rabbit  and green lamb tripe.  A portioned meal of meat with bone.  Easy to defrost and serve in portions ideal for your dog.  For more info keep scrolling down…


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A textured chunky mince made from wild rabbit and ethically sourced, high welfare British lambs tripe.  Hand portioned into 100g meals.

Each resealable pouch contains 7 x 100g portions making them perfect to use as part of a DIY meal alongside added offal and veggies.  



25% Wild rabbit  75% Green lamb tripe

Feeding Guidelines

Feed 2-3% of the dogs body weight per day.  Suitable for dogs and puppies.



Can't believe I've not come across this business before. I've tried so many raw dog businesses and some good and some bad. I have a young pup who has tried every raw food available and turns her nose up at it all. My other dog ate it but didn't seem to enjoy it. I got fed up of the waste and put her on cold pressed which she eats now and again. Even the expensive brands like Platinum. I've not seen this business before and the ingredients looked great and also the fact it comes in 100g balls. Saving a lot of time, I thought I'd give it a go. She wolfs it down and actually stays with me while I dish it out waiting for it. Her and my other dog spend a good 5 minutes after licking their bowls after its all gone. I've not seen them do that before! Definitely a paws up for them!

Joanne I

We’re not just any raw pet food manufacturer…

We make all our recipes by hand in very small batches in our kitchens.  We try to use different cuts of meat across our meal ranges. This helps to ensure a greater variety of nutrients for your dog.  

Our food is made using the freshest ingredients possible. If they weren’t heading to us for dog food, they would be completely suitable for the human food market. This is really important to us because high quality ingredients contain much higher nutritional values for your dog.

The meats that we use are all grass fed or free range. Wild in the case of our Scottish venison.All our ingredients come from UK farms and are therefore, seasonal.  We have close relationships with each one of our suppliers and have worked with them for many years.  It is important to us to keep the supply chain as short as possible.  We can trace the whole journey from the farm to your dog’s bowl.

We don’t just want your dog to be well fed, we want your dog to THRIVE!   The team here at Easy Raw are on hand to  help with any questions or queries every step of the way, whether new to raw or a seasoned raw feeder.  Just drop us a line.

Join the Easy Raw family today!

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