the benefits of feeding your dog raw food

questions everyone asks about raw dog food

how do I switch from kibble to raw dog food?

Easily!  It is fine to make the switch straight away – today in fact!  However if you would rather introduce it slowly one meal a day that’s fine too. Our Starter box is designed to provide you with everything you need and a step by step guide to help you along the way.  We totally understand that changing your dog’s diet is a big thing that usually causes a lot of stress and worry. Remember we are here to help and you can contact us at any point if you need some more advice.

how do I feed frozen dog food?

Easily! Have you spotted the theme?  We realise that raw meat is not everyone’s idea of fun, traditionally it can be messy, smelly and rather confusing to say the least.  The concept of the meal portions is to make feeding healthy, natural, raw dog food as convenient and clean as possible.  Just remove as many meals from the freezer that you require, place them in your dog’s bowl to defrost and then feed.  Wash the bowl and then repeat. It really is that easy.

how much do I feed then?

As a general rule of thumb you feed between 2-3% of your dog’s weight or ideal weight if your dog is a bit chubby.  The wonderful thing with raw feeding is that it is so easy to adjust, upping or decreasing the food intake depending on how much activity your dog has had each day.  Your dog is an individual just like us humans, some carry extra pounds easily and some could really do with feeding up.  To determine how well covered your dog is , run your hands down your dog’s side, you should feel their ribs easily, the hips should have a slight tuck. If you can’t feel the ribs then they could possibly do with losing a few pounds.

what is balanced/complete dog food?

This is a subject that gets me rattled so I’ll try not to witter on too much here (I’ll save that for a blog post or two!).  So, a balanced meal is one that is seen as having the correct ratio of meat, bone and offal in it providing the essential nutrients that your four legged friend needs.  The subject of balanced meals causes owners much worry and stress so we’re trying to help here by providing our meals in 80/10/10 ratio for those that don’t like feeding vegetables and 70/10/10/10 for those that want to include vegetables. So in essence what you are getting is:

80/10/10 = 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal (5% liver and 5% kidney)

70/10/10/10 – 70% meat, 10% bone, 10% offal (5% liver, 5% kidney), 10% vegetable (broccoli and carrot in our case).

Complete meals are meals that can be fed day in and day out without changing variety or protein type.  With all our meals variety is the key and we strongly recommend feeding at least 5 different protein types per week.