The best raw diet for your Pug!

The benefits of feeding a raw diet to your Pug!

A raw fed Pug is a much happier healthier dog!

  • Stronger immune system
  • Glossier coat
  • Fewer skin allergies
  • Cleaner teeth and less bad breath
  • Smaller firmer poop
  • Fewer vet visits

Start your Pug's raw feeding journey today!

Why feed your Pug a raw diet?

Keeping their weight under control

Staying trim is so important for Pugs. The less load that is put on their joints the better so staying slim is important. Pugs can suffer from breathing issues and any extra weight is not good for this. The best diet should consist of biologically appropriate proteins and healthy fats which are packed with essential vitamins and minerals to keep your Pug in optimum health.  Let us know your dog’s age and weight and we will design a feeding plan just for them.

Keeping skin nice and healthy

Pug’s skin is prone to being sensitive. Feeding a pure, healthy raw diet that is naturally high in omegas will prevent those sore, dry and itchy patches that can develop on a highly processed diet.  If you believe your dog’s redness is due to allergies we can work with you to create a meal plan that avoids those proteins thought to cause the sensitivity.  We hand make our food especially for YOUR dog.

Sensitive tummies

Pugs can suffer from being a little bit smelly. Health starts within your Pug's gut, so it is really important that they are fed a diet that supports gut health. Processed food can upset the balance in the gut microbiome and cause many digestive disorders.  Feeding a fresh, raw diet not only keeps your dog healthy, it keeps their gut healthy too.

Helps with allergies

We hand make our food, so we can design a meal plan around any sensitivities your Pug may have. We have helped many dogs live happier, healthier lives by feeding our handmade, quality, portioned meals individually made for each dog.

Kinder to teeth

Pugs mouths can be a bit crowded and so dental hygiene can be an issue when feeding a processed diet.  By feeding a fresh, raw diet you are reducing tartar build up and improving gum health which in turn leads to shiny white teeth and much fresher breath.

We have a pug called Percy, he loves his food, but the already portioned food makes it easy to not over feed. He loves his raw diet.

J ashby

Happy Pug owner

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The best diet for a happy, healthy Pug!

We are experts in Pug nutrition.  We can design a feeding plan as unique as your Pug's personality. 

If you have a question about your Pug’s diet? We’re always here to help...

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