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Hand made products are greener

Far less energy is used when creating a handmade product when compared to mass produced product.

Handmade products are good for the local economy

When buying from a small business you are supporting the local economy. As many of our meats as possible come from local farms and abattoirs in the surrounding area. We support each other and create lifelong relationships with those that produce our meat.

Handmade products are more often better

When people make a product by hand they really care about the end product. When making our product by hand we’re continuously aiming for perfection. The quality of the resulting meal really matters to us. We make all our food in small batches which enables us to be agile and introduce customer feedback to improve the product easily.

Handmade products make a buyer feel great

You don’t need us to tell you that!  Research shows that when we buy handmade products from local businesses it makes us feel awesome.  We know where our money is going and who it is going to, not some faceless corporation.  We know our purchases make a real difference to someone's life and that each purchase is really valued and appreciated.

Handmade products can meet your needs better

Giving feedback to big brands is often difficult as the feedback rarely gets through to the people that can actually make change happen. Giving feedback to a small artisan producer is only an email or instant message away.  As with most small producers we love hearing both good and critical feedback as it helps us improve the products that we love.

Hand made products keep traditional skills alive

All handmade products use a large degree of skill at some point in their creation.  By sourcing from local, smaller family abattoirs and farms we’re keeping traditional butchery and farming skills alive for future generations to benefit from.  Real food, produced by real people.

Hand made products are totally unique

Each of our portions are different, it is formed by hand especially for your dog.  Every time you lift a portion out of one of our bags, be assured it hasn’t come off a conveyor belt in a factory somewhere;  someone has stood and minced, mixed, portioned and bagged that meal - it’s been made for you.


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