The inclusion of veggies in a dog’s raw food diet has always been quite a hotly debated topic.  Surely a dog is a carnivore and we should only feed them meat, right?

Our main ‘foundation’ 80/10/10 meals are based on the prey model principle which is a balanced approximation of the make-up of typical prey. The ratio of raw meat, offal and bone. Nutritionally everything is then in the right proportions and is the perfect foundation for your dog’s diet. 



However, unless you are able to feed a very wide variety of protein types and include some whole prey with fur and feathers, there is a chance your dog could be missing out on some harder to find minerals and nutrients.  Nutrients found, for example, in the brain, eyes or skin. All these other body parts provide important nutrients to your dog but are not routinely part of their diet unless whole prey is fed.

We put a great deal of blood, sweat and tears into the sourcing of all our meats.  It’s probably one of the biggest challenges we face as a company.  We always source from the UK and our ethics and values are the cornerstone of our business.  We’re proud of the award winning free range poultry, the outdoor reared pork and finest welsh grass fed beef we use in our meals. But, however well sourced our poultry and meats are, we can’t hide from the fact that studies show wild sourced prey are still much more likely to be more nutrient dense than farmed prey.   ( Dierenfeld, Alcorn, Jacobsen (2002) Nutrient Composition of Whole Vertebrate Prey (Excluding fish) fed in zoos)

So then, what are we to do?

Some of our customers use our 80/10/10 meals as a foundation to add other yummy things to the bowl; foods such as eggs, sprats, veggies, broth, fruits and kefir.  Indeed you only have to take a look at Instagram to see many dogs eat much better than their owners!


However many customers do not have the time, finances or confidence to create such banquets for their dogs but still want to ensure they feed what is now generally referred to as a ‘complete’ diet.  

You may choose to top-up your dog meals with herbal supplements such as Green & Natural’s Daily Boost, which use natural herbs to provide some of the harder to find vitamins and minerals.


Alternatively we now have our Supercharged Meals. 

We have created this nutritious range of meals to provide optimum health and well being for your dog. Using only green veggies, natural herbs, berries and superfoods we avoid the use of unnatural synthetic mixes and powders so often found in some other raw dog foods.

It is our belief that we should acknowledge the science and follow our company ethos of making raw food accessible to as many people as possible.  So our two main meal types, 80/10/10 Foundation and Supercharged will make feeding a raw diet to your dog, whatever method you choose, as EASY as possible.


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